Reflecting upon reflection

I’ve been trying to write a piece on my reflections over the course and our little bike tour ever since we got back. But for some reason I kept putting it up since the words didn’t come to me. I couldn’t find a just way to describe everything that went on and everything that happened inside me while spending three weeks on end, everyday reflecting over life and the values and assumptions that I comply with. So finally, a month after the course ended, I realized that this was a deep process and that it was not something that I could just sum up in a few words moments after I had gotten back.

For me, this was a period of my life spent looking inwards, trying to figure out what I want to do with my time on this earth and how I can interlock these wishes with other persons’ aims and goals. I could not have concluded as much of it had I been on my own, it was the context that brought the result! Discussing our mutual vision and business plan with my colleague Emma was step number one. Emma, who has been reading up a lot on coaching, was a superb support and guide in helping me with slowly putting into words my own thoughts about life in relation to work. For example; Why do I so strongly feel that there are so many in this world missing out on so much just by going to work for eight hours a day? By work, I mean doing things that you get paid for. I want to work four to five hours a day! Then I can spend the rest of my time doing other things that I also love, be it freediving, helping out as a volunteer at a project or just walking in the forest. Perhaps less money, definitely more quality. Subjects such as this one are what were on my mind during these three weeks, all spinning out from a holistic world view. Shortly that could be noted down as: Klara vs the people vs the nature.


How can I make the most impact in people’s lives regarding how they think about and interact with nature?!

What’s my conclusion? Well, my friends, I’ll leave that for another blog post together with my thought about the course itself.

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